About Me

This is one of multiple blogs I have created. This one deals with the jerseys of common spectator sports like football, baseball, basketball. Like the majority of Americans and especially males, I am also a sports fan. We all like to watch our favorite sports team on television or at the stadium and many people like to get the jerseys worn by famous athletes.

So I created a blog for exactly that purpose. I have arranged this website into separate pages for different sports.

During my lifetime there have been many changes in how different sports are played. Until 1974, professional football had the goal posts placed at the goal line, not the end line. The offensive team needed only to advance the ball a few yards past midfield for a potentially makeable field goal. So-called “pooch punts” were rarely seen. Missed field goals followed exactly the same rules as punts. The offensive team could use a missed field goal to advance the ball, something they cannot do with today’s rules which place the ball at the spot of the attempt. Back in those days kickoffs came from the 40-yard line, not the 35. The illegal contact rule did not exist. As long as the defender did not commit holding or pass interference he could bump the potential pass receiver continually anywhere on the field. The horse collar rule was non-existent. That rule was created in 2005 out of concern for injuries that might result.

Decades ago, there was no instant replay to review calls and there was no such thing as a coach throwing a challenge flag to review a call. If the referees made a bad call against your team you were just screwed. If the team’s coach went out on the field to argue the call his team could get hit with a 15-yard penalty and the coach could possibly be ejected.

The same thing was true of major league baseball. None of the calls were reviewed. Arguing a bad call with the umpires was futile. You were screwed and you got ejected for arguing the call with the umpires.

Back in the old days, professional football rules were definitely more favorable to the kicking game and the defense. In 1974 the penalty for offensive holding was decreased from 15 yards to 10 yards. The new illegal contact rules were designed to make it more difficult for defenders to impede passing routes with bump and run techniques. New restrictions on when the punting team’s players could move downfield were designed to weaken runback defense. Baseball and basketball seemed to change far less.