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Professional baseball seems to go all the way back to 1870. But there was no World Series until 1903.
There were numerous rule changes during the late 1800s. In 1879 there was no walk until the batter received 9 balls. In 1880 the rule was changed to 8 balls. In 1881 it was changed again to 7 balls. In 1884 it became 6 balls. In 1886 they made it 5 balls. In 1889 they went down to 4 balls.

Before 1931, a ball that bounced over the fence was counted as a home run. The new rule in 1931 made such hits ground rule doubles.

In 1973 the American League adopted the designated hitter rule. Before this rule, teams faced the problem that many pitchers were poor batters. The designated hitter was a player that would would be used only on offense in lieu of the pitcher and this removed the need to remove a pitcher from the lineup for a pinch hitter. There has been considerable resistance to a designated hitter rule in the National League.

In 2008 the use of instant replay to review and reverse some of the bad calls was introduced. However until the 2014 season only the umpires could request a review. Beginning with the 2014 season the manager of a team could request a video review subject to certain limitations as to which calls can be reviewed.

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Boston Red Sox                                                            Atlanta Braves

Chicago White Sox                                                     Chicago Cubs

Cleveland Indians                                                       Cincinnati Reds

Detroit Tigers                                                                Colorado Rockies

Houston Astros                                                             Los Angeles Dodgers

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Minnesota Twins                                                           New York Mets

Oakland Athletics                                                        Philadelphia Phillies

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Seattle Mariners                                                          St. Louis Cardinals

Tampa Bay Rays                                                            San Diego Padres

Texas Rangers                                                                San Francisco Giants

Toronto Blue Jays                                                         Washington Nationals