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There have been rule changes in the NBA over the years. A time limit for getting off a shot is a rule that was first used for 1954-1955 season. The 3-point basket was added for the 1979-1980 season.

Over the years the most successful NBA teams for winning championships have been the Boston Celtics and the Lakers. Since 1948, the Celtics have made the playoffs 53 times and won the NBA title 17 times. The Lakers have made the playoffs 60 times and won the NBA title 16 times. Combined, these 2 teams represent nearly half of all NBA championships since the 1946-1947 season. The Lakers were known as the Minneapolis Lakers until they moved to Los Angeles in 1960. The Atlanta Hawks have had almost as many playoff appearances: 45 times since 1950. But they only won the NBA title once. From 1946 to 1951 they were known as the Tri-Cities Blackhawks which refers to an area along the Iowa-Illinois border where Davenport, Moline, and Rock Island border each other. They actually used Moline, Illinois as their home base. They were known as the Milwaukee Hawks from 1951 to 1955. They were known as the St. Louis Hawks from 1955 to 1968. From 1968 till today they have been known as the Atlanta Hawks.


Please select the basketball team you seek a jersey for:

Eastern Conference                                                             Western Conference

Atlanta Hawks                                                                             Dallas Mavericks

Boston Celtics                                                                            Denver Nuggets

Brooklyn Nets                                                                             Golden State Warriors

Charlotte Hornets                                                                     Houston Rockets

Chicago Bulls                                                                               Los Angeles Clippers

Cleveland Cavaliers                                                                  Los Angeles Lakers

Detroit Pistons                                                                            Memphis Grizzlies

Indiana Pacers                                                                              Minnesota Timberwolves

Miami Heat                                                                                   New Orleans Pelicans

Milwaukee Bucks                                                                        Oklahoma City Thunder

New York Knicks                                                                          Phoenix Suns

Orlando Magic                                                                             Portland Trail Blazers

Philadelphia 76ers                                                                      Sacramento Kings

Toronto Raptors                                                                           San Antonio Spurs

Washington Wizards                                                                  Utah Jazz