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On this page you will find links that will take you to the right website or webpages for the NFL jersey you are looking for. Whatever player’s jersey you are looking for, chances are you will find exactly what you are looking for. It doesn’t matter what size or which team uniform it is, you should find it here. Men’s, women’s, and children’s NFL jerseys are all here. This should be a perfect gift for any NFL fan that likes to wear the uniform of a great athlete!
There are some sports fans who would like to get the jersey of a famous player who retired years ago. If the team they played for is listed here you can often find such a jersey! Some sports fans may want T-shirts or jackets rather than jerseys. You can use the links furnished to help you find such items.


Professional football dates back to 1920. The league of 10 professional teams was called the American Professional Football Association. In 1922 this league changed its name to the National Football League. In 1960 another professional football league known as the American Football League came into existence. In 1966 these two leagues merged. The postseason Super Bowl which pitted the National Football League champion against the American Football League champion had its beginning. In 1970 the American Football League was renamed the American Football Conference and the National Football League came to be known as the National Football Conference. The league containing both conferences was now called the National Football league. The Cleveland Browns, the Baltimore Colts, and the Pittsburgh Steelers were moved from the former National Football League into the American Football Conference.

In 1974 a large number of rules changes were made. Kickoffs were moved from the 40-yard line to the 35-yard line. The goalposts were moved from the goal line to the end line. Prior to the rule changes, missed field goal attempts could be used to advance the ball. The new rule placed the ball at the line of scrimmage if it was beyond the 20-yard line. The penalty for offensive holding was decreased from 15 yards to 10 yards. A new overtime rule was created for tied regular season games. Before the rules change, tied regular season games were simply tied games after the regulation time expired. In 1974 and again in 1978 new rules were created to limit the bumping of receivers by defenders. This is commonly referred to as the “illegal contact” rule.

In 1994 there were more changes to kicking rules. Kickoffs now came from the 30-yard line instead of the 35-yard line. Missed field goal attempts went to the spot of the attempt, not the line of scrimmage. The 2-point conversion was added. Before 1994 there was only the seldom-missed 1-point conversion.

In 1999, instant replays with a challenge system were added. Now some bad calls could be reversed on an instant replay review.

In 2011 kickoffs were moved up to the 35-yard line. This is where they previously were from 1974 to 1993.

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American Conference                                                                                              National Conference

Baltimore Ravens                                                                                                           Arizona Cardinals

Buffalo Bills                                                                                                                      Atlanta Falcons

Cincinnati Bengals                                                                                                         Carolina Panthers

Cleveland Browns                                                                                                          Chicago Bears

Denver Broncos                                                                                                              Dallas Cowboys

Houston Texans                                                                                                              Detroit Lions

Indianapolis Colts                                                                                                           Green Bay Packers

Jacksonville Jaguars                                                                                                      Los Angeles Rams

Kansas City Chiefs                                                                                                          Minnesota Vikings

Miami Dolphins                                                                                                                New Orleans Saints

New England Patriots                                                                                                    New York Giants

New York Jets                                                                                                                    Philadelphia Eagles

Oakland Raiders                                                                                                                San Francisco 49ers

Pittsburgh Steelers                                                                                                          Seattle Seahawks

San Diego Chargers                                                                                                          Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tennessee Titans                                                                                                               Washington Redskins